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Sparkly.Doodads is the graphics community co-owned by faetis and babeephatangel. We make icons and banners of everything, including football, fashion, movies and stock.

This community has MODERATED MEMBERSHIP, this means you must be granted permission to join and view our work. Members of the community have the privilege of making requests, as well as exclusive access to members-only posts. If you want to be part of this fabulous community, make sure you abide by the rules!
#You must credit either the maker or the community if you take any of our work. We put a lot of time into what we do, and we really appreciate being recognized for our efforts. Don't know how to credit? Click here to learn!

#Do not take anything from this community and claim as your own. Likewise, do not edit graphics from this community unless we tell you otherwise.

#Do not hotlink! Stealing bandwith is wrong, and if we run out of bandwith, we are not going to re-upload the graphics. So don't ruin it for everyone. Upload the banners to your own server. (TinyPic, Photobucket, ImageShack, etc)

#Comment if you take anything (or even when you aren't taking anything). We want to hear what you like and/or dislike!
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